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thing about brenda lee, one of the great things. tavis: but horror plays everywhere, red and blue. >> that's right. tavis: so "the possession" will do well all across the country. since you opened the door, i'm gonna follow you in to the extent you want to go there. most people know that i have political ideas and interests, so there's no surprise to our audience, but you have just run down a list of things. would you consider yourself a political person? i know you do environmental work. >> give me your -- tavis: are you politically active, politically engaged, politically involved? >> i'm politically active in that i try to educate myself about what's going on. i try and educate myself about the issues. i try to read the paper. i certainly have passionate views about quite a few things. tavis: how did you come to be so passionate about the environment specifically? >> because i have children, because the knowledge that we are devastating our national resources and that we continue to be addicted to the very thing that is killing us, fossil fuel, chemicals, power plants that are
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)